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Photograph of Bryan Bello

Bryan Bello PHD.COMM

PhD (ABD): Communication - American University, 2020|
MA: Film and Media Arts - American University, 2015|
BA - English Literature | University of Montana, Missoula

Bryan Bello is a PhD candidate at American University’s School of Communication. He studies the representation of public interests in information policy debates concerning intellectual property, digital privacy, biometric ID programs, and workplace surveillance. He is also a documentary filmmaker specializing in participant-owned and driven (co)production practices. Bryan's research has been published in New Media & Society, the Journal of Information Technology & Politics, and most recently, Information & Culture. Bryan has produced documentary content for Al Jazeera, Apple, Tribeca, the Solutions Journalism Network, and the International Network of Street Papers. His work has been covered by The Washington Post, PBS NewsHour, and City Lab. Bryan has been a fellow of the Center for Social Media & Impact and the D.C. Humanities Lab. He is currently working as a media and technology consultant while completing his dissertation on U.S. biometric identification policy and the so-called "end of privacy." His work analyses 700 court cases brought under the controversial Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act in an effort to understand (through a case study approach) the relationship between contemporary information privacy laws and individual experiences with information technology (IT) and IT actors in the constitution of a contemporary condition of information privacy.