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Photograph of Deirdre Golash

Deirdre Golash Nondegree Graduate-CAS

Ph.D. University of Maryland
J.D. Georgetown University
M.A. University of Maryland
B.A. Barnard College

Professor Golash's research interests center on the philosophy of law, particularly the moral justification of criminal punishment. She is the author of The Case Against Punishment (NYU Press 2005) and editor of Freedom of Expression in a Diverse World (Springer, 2010). Before coming to American University, Professor Golash served as senior staff associate at the Federal Judicial Center, where her responsibilities included development and implementation of sentencing guideline education for federal court personnel. Courses that Professor Golash teaches include Justice, Morality, and the Law, Western Legal Tradition, Theories of Punishment, Legal Theory, and Concepts of Justice.