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Photograph of Emily Bello-Pardo

Emily Bello-Pardo PHD.POLS

M.A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies -- Florida International University (2015) <br/>
B.A. in Political Science -- Florida International University (2013)<br/>
B.A. in International Relations -- Florida International University (2013)

E.D. Bello-Pardo is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at American University, concentrating on American politics and comparative politics with substantive interests in political communication, misinformation, and survey and computational methodology. Their dissertation is an investigation of the effects of textual and visual misinformation on political attitudes in an American context. Bello-Pardo has published two peer-reviewed articles, three book chapters, and at least seven public research reports. Bello-Pardo's research has been presented at over a dozen conferences across North American and Europe and they have received over a dozen awards and fellowships. Prior to attending American University, Bello-Pardo obtained an M.A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and B.A.s in both International Relations and Political Science at Florida International University. Bello-Pardo currently works as a full-time Senior Political Analyst at YouGov and previously worked as a research assistant for three American University professors, with responsibilities spanning quantitative and qualitative methods.  They also have professional experience working at Analyst Institute as well as interning at Pew Research Center through a Google NewsLab Fellowship in 2017.