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Photograph of Em Bello-Pardo

Em Bello-Pardo Political Science (PhD)

Ph.D. in Political Science -- American University (2022)

M.A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies -- Florida International University (2015)

B.A. in Political Science -- Florida International University (2013)

B.A. in International Relations -- Florida International University (2013)

I am a computational social scientist who leverages data science tools to conduct high-quality end-to-end public opinion research in the United States and abroad. I am deeply passionate about about developing actionable research insights from rigorous quantitative analysis of survey and social media data. Broadly speaking, I use data science tools to conduct public opinion research, both in my professional role as Director of Data Science at YouGov and in my personal research.

I hold a PhD in Political Science from American University. My dissertation studied the effect of online communication on offline political attitudes, with a focus on both textual and visual misinformation. Before starting my doctorate, I obtained a Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Florida International University (FIU), where I studied public opinion about marijuana legalization in Uruguay. I also obtained dual Bachelor Degrees from FIU, where I graduated magna cum laude through the Honors College, was inducted Phi Beta Kappa, and was President of the Debate Team.