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Photograph of Jong Eun Lee

Jong Eun Lee PHD.INRL

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MPhil, International Relations, American University, SIS

MA, Political Science, Fordham University

BA, Magna Cum Laude, Political Science, American University, SPA

Coercive Diplomacy and Alliances
Coercive Diplomacy is a tactic of persuasion used not only amongst adversaries, but also amongst allies. Yet, even when used by the stronger ally, coercive diplomacy has not always led to compliance by the weaker party. The existing alliance literature has explained this puzzle mostly by focusing on the credibility of the threat. Jong Eun Lee’s research instead focuses on the receiving party - the weaker ally - and that ally's assessment of the impact of compliance on strategic concerns and domestic political control.
Lee holds an MA in Political Science from Fordham University, a BA in Political Science from American University and from 2011-2014 served as an intelligence officer in the Air Force of the Republic of Korea.
Presentations: "US Mediation Failure in the Chinese Civil War: Using Prospect Theory and Asymmetrical Negotiations to explain the Alliance Restraint Disequilibrium", ISA-NE Regional Conference, November 2017.
“To Comply or To Not Comply: Explaining the ROK's Noncompliance with US-led Armistice Talks during the Korean War,” AU Annual PH.D. Tri-School Conference, March 2021
“What the next South Korean President can learn from Moon’s diplomatic challenge”, The Diplomat. July 7, 2021.
"Afghanistan’s Collapse Is a Rude Awakening for South Korea", The National Interest. Aug. 26, 2021.


Spring 2021

  • SISU-212 China, Japan & the U.S.

Summer 2021

  • SISU-103 Community of Scholars Topics: Diplomacy and Dictators

Fall 2021

  • SISU-210 Peace, Global Sec & Conflt Res