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Photograph of Nichole Grossman

Nichole Grossman International Relations (PhD)

Master of International Studies, North Carolina State University

BA International Studies and Global Security, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nichole's research focuses on the intersection between forced migration and health. Centered around the reality of limited access to healthcare within conflict zones and displacement camps, her research examines how communities navigate available services, how these communities cope when needed services are limited or non-existent and the informal institutions that are created in the absence of formal healthcare.

Academic Publications:
Rachel Robinson, Jennifer N. Brass, Andrew Shermeyer, Nichole Grossman. “NGO-Government Relations and NGOs’ Reported Effects on Service Provision Outcomes,” Development Policy Review. 2023.

Non-Academic Publications:
1. Grossman, Nichole, Angalapu, Dengiyefa. “Analysis of Security Dynamics in West Africa From October 2022 to June 2023.” 2023

2. Grossman, Nichole, Angalapu, Dengiyefa. “Turbulent Region: An analysis of trends and actors of conflict in West Africa: October 2022 through March 2023.” Centre for Democracy and Development.” 2023.

3. “Four Key Issues that Defined Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential and Legislative Election Process.” (Contributor) Centre for Democracy and Development. 2023.

4. “Previewing Postponed Polls: Nigeria’s State Elections.” (Contributor) Centre for Democracy and Development. 2023.

5. “Votes, Violence and Validity: Our Understanding of Nigeria’s 2023 Sub-National Elections.” (Contributor) Centre for Democracy and Development. 2023.

6. Angalapu, Dengiyefa and Grossman, Nichole. “The Lull in Violence during the 2023 Elections and Lessons for Nigeria’s new President.” Centre for Democracy and Development. 2023.

Media Appearances:
1. “Daily Politics.” Governorship Elections/Focus on the Process. Abuja, Nigeria: Trust TV, March 20, 2023.

2. “The Bearing.” Women in Nigerian Politics. Trust Radio, March 19, 2023.