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Olivia Williams PHD.COMM

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MA, Documentary Production

BA Honours, French and Italian


Olivia's core research areas: Cybersecurity, civilian-military field operations, hostile environment communication and preparedness and ethics pertaining to data privacy. Liv has worked as a researcher for the U.S Department of State, the Internet Governance Lab, as a Research Associate for the International Politics department at Aberystwyth University and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, as a Field Communications Lead for several INGOs and as a filmmaker for the BBC.

Publications and Papers:

Paper: 'Cyber Cartography of Crisis Zones: Vulnerabilities in Humanitarian Gatekeeping', Royal Geographic Society - IBG, London (August, 2019)

Report co-author: ‘Risk, Resources & Responsibility: Donor Practices in Risk Management’. Internews, Washington D.C.
Paper: 'Subjugation of the data subject? – Regulating Survivor Data', and Plenary Panel Speaker on Ethics at the Mediating Change Conference, University of North Texas (November, 2018)

Author; 'The Heart and Soul of Action Sports' (2016). Meyer & Meyer Sports Publishing.

Content Advisor; 46+ Sports books for the U.S. Curriculum (2016 - present). Sleeping Bear Press.

Additional research interests: Humanitarian affairs, Emerging Threat Identification, Crisis Games, Outdoor and Foreign Theatre activity


Doctoral Student Research Fellowship Award - $5,000

Internet Governance Lab Fellowship Award - $10,000

Scholarship, PhD in Communication