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Photograph of Ralph Sonenshine

Ralph Sonenshine Economics

Professor Sonenshine is a Senior Professorial Lecturer of Economics at American University. Ralph combines an academic background in industrial organization, international economics, and economic history with business consulting and industry research expertise. His research and teaching interests include antitrust, mergers and acquisitions, international trade and finance, and industry studies (e.g. electric utilities and financial services). Ralph has published in the Review of Industrial Organization, International Journal of Economics of Business, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, Eastern Economic Journal, Review of World Economics, Emerging Markets Review, Eurasia Business Review, and International Journal of Applied Research in Business Administration and Economics.


Spring 2023

  • ECON-547 Economics of Antitrust & Reg

  • ECON-680 Economics MA Capstone Seminar

  • ECON-680 Economics MA Capstone Seminar

Summer 2023

  • ECON-370 International Economics

  • ECON-600 Microeconomics

  • ECON-680 Economics MA Capstone Seminar

Fall 2023

  • ECON-371 International Economics: Trade

  • ECON-680 Economics MA Capstone Seminar