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We are pleased to welcome you to ELTA. You will soon be immersed in the nation's capital-the informational capital of the world and one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. This web page will guide you through your next steps as you prepare to join us.

Student Resources

The following documents show you step by step directions on how to pay your bill online:

Health Insurance Requirements

ELTA students must purchase American University Health Insurance or verify that their own alternative insurance meets the coverage requirements listed below.

Purchase AU Health Insurance

Students are automatically enrolled into the American University Health Insurance program after their registration has been processed by the ELTA staff.

If you would like to waive the AU Health Insurance because you already have comparable insurance, see instructions below.

AU Health Insurance Premiums

Fall 2020
Spring and Summer 2021
AU Health Insurance Benefit Details

Below is American University health insurance information you can use to compare your current insurance with the insurance plan offered by American University:

Overall Plan Maximum
There is no overall maximum dollar limits on the policy
$200 In Network; $500 Out of Network
80% In Network; 60% Out of Network
Out-of-Pocket Maximum
$6,350 per insured person, per policy year
Pharmacy Benefits
$10 generic, $35 brand, $50 for non-formulary, mail order option
Emergency Coverage Overseas
Medical Evacuation
Coverage while in Washington, DC
Emergency Coverage Overseas
View US providers.

If you have been assessed the premium for the student health insurance plan and want to accept the coverage, you can go to and click on the link that says "Enrollment Form." By completing this enrollment form, your coverage will become active on the first day of the student health insurance policy, August 1st, and you will not receive any additional weekly waiver reminder emails.

If you do not complete this enrollment form and do not submit a waiver, your coverage will not become effective until you complete this form or the waiver database closes on September 15 and the charge will remain on your student account. You will not be able to print out an insurance card or access pharmacy benefits until one week later.

Alternate Health Insurance

  • Alternate insurance plans must be provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States, with a U.S. claims payment office and a U. S. Phone number.
  • Company must have a process to remit claim costs to providers within the US.
  • Alternate insurance plans must provide coverage for both in-patient and out-patient medical care in the Washington, DC area, including but not limited to routine care, specialist office visits, diagnostic testing and imaging.
  • Alternate insurance plans must provide for both in-patient and out-patient mental health care in the Washington, DC area.
  • Alternate insurance plans must not limit coverage to Emergency or Urgent medical or mental health care in the Washington, DC area.
  • Alternate insurance plans must not have a maximum dollar limit that the insurance will pay for medical claims.
  • Alternate insurance plans must not exclude coverage for the following:
    • Pre-existing conditions (or the plan must have been in effect long enough that any waiting period has passed).
    • Conditions related to depression, eating disorders, suicide attempts or counseling, and drug or alcohol counseling/treatment.
    • Congenital and non-congenital mental health conditions.
    • Sports injuries, alcohol-related injuries or conditions, pregnancies, eating disorders.


Waive AU Health Insurance

If your plan meets the above requirements, you can waive the AU student health insurance.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Waive Coverage"
  3. Enter your AUID number and date of birth
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and answer the required questions.
  5. Enter the required insurance information and submit your waiver.

The student health insurance premium will be removed from your student account. Once the insurance waiver has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email. It is imperative that you save and print a copy of this email.

Frequently Asked Question

What happens if I tried to enter my AU ID and Date of Birth, but was unable to login to the Waiver System?

If you are unable to enter the waiver system, you can check your account activity under Eagle Finances in your myAU Portal to ensure that you have been assessed the student health insurance charge. If you have recently been assessed the health insurance charge, you may need to wait up to 48 hours to submit your health insurance waiver.

Immunization Requirements

All students under age 26 (except for students who meet statutory requirements for exemption based upon religious or medical reason) must provide proof of the below listed immunizations prior to registration.

Students from overseas should note that all required vaccinations will need to be up-to-date before enrolling in American University, even if the stated vaccinations are not required in your home country.

Documenting Your Immunizations

Mandatory Immunization Form

The Mandatory Immunization Form is the only form that will be accepted as proof of vaccination and must be submitted directly to the Student Health Center. Incomplete information or invalid dates on this form will prevent you from being allowed to attend classes.

Form Submission

  1. Please first obtain any needed immunizations.
  2. Then download, print and complete the form below with your medical provider.
  3. Upload your form at via Document Uploads (remember to keep a copy for your records)OR email your form to

Required Immunizations

  1. One Tetanus and Diphtheria booster given within the past ten years. (Tdap is recommended)
  2. Two vaccinations against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), given after age one and at least 30 days apart.
  3. Two vaccinations against Varicella (Chickenpox) given at least 30 days apart, or a history of Chickenpox verified by titer results. DC requires two doses of the Varicella vaccine regardless of the age the student was first vaccinated.
  4. Three vaccinations against Hepatitis B, dose 2 given thirty days after dose 1, dose 3 given four months after dose 2.
  5. Any first year student living in university sponsored housing must be immunized against Meningitis or sign a waiver stating they have read and understand the risks of the disease and do not wish to be immunized.
  6. Any student under the age of 18 must show proof of being vaccinated against Polio.
  7. If you have received immunizations that do not fall into the immunization schedule above (for instance receiving an immunization a week early or a month late) you will need to provide proof results showing immunity.

Religious or Medical Exemption

  • Religious exemption is allowed if a religious leader provides a detailed letter indicating that the immunizations violate his or her parishioner's religious beliefs.
  • Medical exemption is allowed if a medical professional provides a detailed letter indicating that immunizations are medically inadvisable.
  • Both kinds of letters should be addressed to the President of American University, as head of the institution and emailed to

Renting an Apartment or Room

Students in the fall and spring semesters of ELTA Intensive must find housing off-campus. As American University is conveniently connected by both the Metro Red line and Metro busses and has many parking facilities, it is possible to commute to campus from almost anywhere in the Washington metro area. Finding convenient and high-quality housing is even easier thanks to the many online resources for students such as housing guides, newsletters, webinars, online search engines and individual consultation appointments. Go to AU's Office of Housing and Dining Programs to see the services they offer.


Instead of renting an apartment or room on their own, students can also choose to live in a homestay. Living with an American family is a great way for students to practice their English in an informal setting and learn about American culture. With a host family students have the opportunity to see Washington D.C. from the perspective of a local resident and make friends in the process. The English Language Training Academy does not arrange, inspect or recommend any specific homestays, but interested students should contact local homestay companies that place students into short-term housing in the Washington D.C. area.

On-campus housing is only available to ELTA students during the summer semester. Please submit the following if you would like to live on campus while studying in the intensive program:

  • Housing Application
  • Housing deposit

Students will then be contacted by the office of Housing and Dining.

American University has a diverse array of dining options for students from made-to-order restaurants and cafes to traditional "all-you-can-eat" dining halls like the Terrace Dining Room (TDR). All Intensive students are eligible for meal plans, which allow them to pre-pay for a specific number of meals per semester. Many students choose this option because it a convenient way to get nutritious meals on campus without needing to carry cash or credit cards.

Instead of purchasing a meal plan, students also have the option of simply adding money to their AU One Card, a student ID card that can be used to purchase food and goods in a number of on and off-campus merchants. For more information about these programs, visit the Dining Services website.