Interview with Howey Qiu

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Howey, and I was a student on a Gap Year before going to study Statistics and Economics at the University of Chicago. I love working with numbers, although my family have been chemists for generations and much of that still sticks with me. I spend way too much time watching and studying baseball. I also enjoy gaming and cooking.

Mystic, CT

High School
Milton Academy

What is your passion?
I have always been very interested in the way numbers can tell a story about a situation. Lately, the focus has been on how we set internal values for things or people and how to accurately compare those against each other.

Career ambition?
I think my dream job would be to work with or be the GM of an MLB team. Realistically, I want to get my degrees, work in business for several years, and then go into research.

Why did you choose to attend the AU Gap program?
I already knew I wanted to come to DC, find an internship, and take classes, and the AU Gap Program offered all three of those things. It was also one of the few programs I could find that focused on pre-college gap students, and it gave me the chance to experience college life in more of a transitional way.

Where was your Gap Internship?
1776, a startup incubator based in DC.

Where are you going after Gap?
The University of Chicago '19. After that, it's up in the air.

Favorite experience while in the AU Gap Program?
I really enjoyed one of my assignments that had me interview a staff member at my internship. It was about their college and career path, how they ended up where they are, and what their future plans were. It was a conversation I probably would not have had otherwise, and it was fun to sit down and chat.

Describe your AU Gap experience in one word or phrase.