Interview with Jemima Ford

Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in England, the U.S., and Singapore. I love to explore new places, make new friends, and read. After I graduated high school, I wanted a change of pace and a chance to discover more about my interests by taking a gap year.

London, UK

High School
Singapore American School

What is your passion?
I am passionate about international relations and foreign affairs. Growing up in many different cultures, I am intrigued by the different mindsets people have when making impactful decisions and the effects they have on local and global societies.

Why did you choose to attend the AU Gap program?
I wanted the first half of my gap year to feel productive and partially academic. The AU Gap Program allows me to feel like I'm growing academically with classroom-based learning, but also gaining real world knowledge through my internship and the cosmopolitan environment and opportunities that surround me.

Where was your Gap Internship?
Center for International Studies and Development

Where are you going after Gap?
For the second half of my gap year, I will be teaching English to children at a school in Bali, Indonesia for 3 months. For university, I am planning to attend school in the UK.

Favorite experience while in the AU Gap Program?
My favorite experience was attending an Armed Services hearing in the U.S. Senate, then reading and seeing news articles about the hearing the next day!

Describe your AU Gap experience in one word or phrase.
Unique Insight