Testimonial from Wyatt Dobrovich-Fago

I interned at the Laura Ingraham Radio Show, which was an amazing experience that gave me real world insight to how a media organization works. Having duties that directly affect the operation of the show allowed me to be a small part of a prominent program that was broadcasted around the United States from Alaska to Iowa. I saw first-hand how powerful a pair of headphones and microphone could be, reaching millions of Americans for three hours a day, five days a week.

I learned how to professionally contact guests, ranging from U.S. Senators to White House administration officials. I worked the call-in phone lines from listeners, getting their take on what hot topic issues were affecting them and their families. Simply being in such a prestigious internship and in a professional office environment beats any summer job and is the ultimate resume builder.

A major advantage of taking a gap year in a city such as Washington D.C is all the networking events and exploring of museums and historical sights. Opportunities such as visiting the U.S Capitol Building and having the rare opportunity to walk around the House of Representatives floor transfixed my love for politics and reaffirmed my aspirations of pursuing a career within media. Experiences like these are what makes taking a gap year worth it.