Student Ambassador Blogs

The student ambassador blogs will take you behind the scenes into the everyday life of Washington Semester Program interns. Topics include life as a DC intern, career readiness training, engaging coursework with site visits and guest speakers, and witnessing the sites and sounds of DC.

Washington Semester ambassador Kimberley Dong

Kimberley Dong
American Politics

Internship Site: Capitol Hill
Home University: Santa Clara

Kimberley's Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Olivia Muro

Olivia MuroForeign Policy

Internship Site: Embassy of Spain
Home University: Bowdoin College

Olivia's Blog

Washington Semester ambassador Reece Downey

Reece Downey
Social Justice

Internship Site: Human Rights Campaign 
Home University: Grinnell College

Reece's Blog

Washngton Semester student ambassador Mackenzie Chakara

Mackenzie Chakara Social Justice

Internship Site: Center for American Progress
Home University: Baylor University

Mackenzie's Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Josue Simon Garcia

Josue Simon Garcia

Internship Site: Halcyon
Home Univeristy: Brandeis University 

Josue's Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Jessica Hollan

Jessica HollanLaw

Internship Site: Law offices of Darrell Robinson
Home University: Tiffin University

Jessica's Blog

Washington Semester ambassador Jaylun Hutchison

Jaylun Hutchison

Internship Site: Voice of America
Home University: Gonzaga University

Jaylun's Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Katherine Spicer

Katherine Spicer American Politics

Internship Site: International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF)
Home University: Beloit College

Katherine's Blog

Washington Semester Program student ambassador Bita Kavoosi at her internship site in Washington DC

Bita Kavoosi Information Technology

Internship Site: Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Washington Office
Home University: Colorado College

Bita's Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Mihretabe Gizaw

Mihretabe Gizaw National Security

Internship Site: Truman National Security Project
Home University: Linfield College

Mihretabe's Blog