Fall & Spring

Spring 2023
Program Tuition
12 to 17.5 AU credits per semester

Students from some schools with an active WSP partnership could have a different tuition rate – check with your home university partner representative for confirmation of your tuition rate.  You may also email Donna Chapman Williams for your tuition rate.

International Partner Program

Practicum and Practicum Course
2 WSP Seminars
Required Fees
Item Fee
Technology Fee $120
Program Fee $80
Sports Center Fee $65
U·Pass Transportation Program

Unlimited Metrorail and Metrobus transportation for one semester (est savings: $500). Used for travel to and from internship sites, guest speakers, site visits, classes on campus, and recreational activities.


Housing Options

Turnkey Solutions Apartments
Off-Campus Fully-Furnished Luxury Apartments2
TurnKey Housing Solutions leases directly to WSP students at special rates. Apartments are walking distance to Metro.
Semester Rate
Double Occupancy
(2 students/bedroom | 4 students/apartment)
Single Occupancy
(1 student/bedroom | 2 students/apartment)
AU Meal Plan Options
Meal Plan Option Rate

All Access Plan - 7 Days + 5 Meal Exchanges per week
(w/ $100 EagleBuck$)

175 Block Plan (w/ $400 EagleBuck$) $2,653
100 Block Plan (w/ $400 EagleBuck$)3 $1,726
50 Block Plan (w/ $100 EagleBuck$)4 $755
0 Block Plan (w/$800 EagleBuck$) $800

Spring 2023 Dining and Meal Plan Information PDF

- Students living in TurnKey Housing or off campus on their own are not required to purchase an AU meal plan. 
- The 50-Block plan or $800 in EagleBucks are suggested for students living in TurnKey or on your own. 


Health Insurance Rates
Coverage Period Cost
Fall coverage only
August 1 through December 31, 2022
Spring & Summer coverage
January 1, 2023 – July 31, 2023
Full Year coverage
August 1, 2022 – July 31, 2023

Summer coverage only
May 1, 2023 – July 31, 2023


Health insurance is required for all full-time degree, resident, and international students with F1 and J1 visas. Your automatic enrollment and charge will show on the bill along with your tuition for your courses. You can submit a request for a Health Insurance Waiver if you have comprehensive coverage with comparable plan benefits that is valid for use in Washington, DC. All requests for a waiver must be submitted online by the deadline. For information about the Student Health Insurance and Waiver Requirements, please see the Health Insurance Waiver page. Detailed information about the process for waiving the insurance can be found on the Student Health Insurance Waiver Information page.  

The waiver and account activation (for students who want to enroll in the AU insurance) will become available after the student receives the registration confirmation email from the Program Advisor. Students who will not waive the health insurance should activate their AU health insurance account. Students who do not submit the waiver nor activate their account will be auto-enrolled in the plan, which will become active approximately four weeks after the start of the semester.

All international students must have health insurance plans with a US carrier who meets the minimum coverage requirements.

  • All international students must have health insurance plans with a US carrier who meets the minimum coverage requirements.
  • International students will not be permitted to waive the AU health insurance with insurance from their home country.
  • Travel insurance is not eligible for a waiver.
  • International students must have unlimited medical evacuation benefits and unlimited repatriation benefits.
Other Costs to Consider
Expense Amount
Books $200
Student Commuter/ Resident General Parking (semester rate) $506.50

Students should also plan and budget for personal expenses, including medical not covered by health insurance and travel expenses to and from Washington, DC.

Tuition Refund Insurance

Tuition refund insurance is recommended but optional for students who pay tuition and/or other charges directly to AU. Tuition insurance acts as an extension of the University's refund policy, covering tuition payment, housing and meal fees, and other nonrefundable expenses if you withdraw for a covered reason at any time during the semester.

  • The fee for the tuition insurance is paid directly to GradGuard.
  • GradGuard will allow any student to enroll and select the amount of coverage they wish to purchase.
  • Coverage must be purchased by the day before your classes start each semester.
  • To get a quote or learn more about the tuition insurance, call Customer Service at 1-866-724-4384 or visit their website at www.gradguard.com/tuition/american

 Students who will pay tuition to their home school should contact their home school regarding tuition refund insurance before considering the AU-affiliated tuition refund plan.


Summer 2023
Description Amount

3-credit Internship + Internship Course

1-credit Internship + Internship Course



Program fee $30

Note: Washington Semester Program does not sponsor visas for students in the summer program.


AU Health Insurance
Description Amount
Summer coverage only1
May 1, 2023 – July 31, 2023

All WSP Summer students are required to have health insurance.
Students must be enrolled in 6 or more credits to be eligible for AU Summer Health Insurance.