Data and Report Requests

  • Step 1: Review Resources Available Online

    Review the resources available on our website and elsewhere before submitting a request. Please visit the Academic Data Reference Book. If you are university staff or faculty, you may also have access to one or more of the following sources in MicroStrategy (login required): OIRA Official ReportsStandard Student Reporting, and Admissions Statistics Official ReportingWe will not fulfill data requests from students for non-publicly available data for class-related or personal research purposes. If you are a student submitting a request on behalf of an AU staff or faculty member, please proceed and be sure to indicate accordingly on the request form.

  • Step 2: Complete the Information Request Form

    Someone from our office will follow-up with your request within one business day about next steps. Please be mindful of your deadlines and the complexity of your request. We recommend you allow a minimum of two weeks for us to complete your request; however, during high volume periods, more time may be required. Please note: members of the media – including student media – please direct data requests to University Marketing and Communication.