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Photograph of David Banks

David Banks Professorial Lecturer School of International Service

Additional Positions at AU
Professorial Lecturer
PhD in Political Science - George Washington University, 2015.
MA in Global Governance - University of Delaware, 2006.
BA - Ancient History and Archaeology, Biblical and Theological Studies, 2002.

David Banks is a Professorial Lecturer at American University where he focuses on Diplomatic Practice, International Order, and Great Power Politics. His current book manuscript researches the motivation for and political consequences of state violations of diplomatic practice. He has also begun work on a large research project that compares the Great Power treaty-systems of the 19th century with those of today. In addition to these projects he has number of articles published or in development regarding symbolic diplomacy, international crises, empire diplomacy, modern international order, great power conferences, and coercive diplomacy. He has been published in International Studies Quarterly, and media outlets including The Washington Post, Time, The Independent, Chicago Tribune, Navy Times, US World News & Report, and has appeared on BBC News. At American University, he teaches classes on topics such as Great Power Politics, Global History, Diplomatic Practice, and International Security. He received his PhD from George Washington University in 2015.
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