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Horace Bartilow Professor SIS - Env Dev Health


Horace A. Bartilow is Professor of International Political Economy and American Foreign Policy. He is a Jamaican born social scientist who received his Ph.D. in 1994 from the State University of New York at Albany.

He is a mixed-methods social scientist with training in advanced statistical and qualitative research methods with particular expertise in documentary and archival analysis, elite and focus group interviewing. He has extensive research expertise in the study of licit and illicit international political economy. His research on licit economies has focused on the politics of international trade and finance, structural adjustment economic reform, the politics of sustainable development, and the politics of coercive diplomacy and economic sanctions. His research on illicit economies has focused on the politics of illicit trafficking, and the impact of U.S. drug enforcement on human rights and democratization in the developing world.

His scholarly articles on these issues have appeared in prominent professional peer-reviewed journals such as Third World Quarterly, Latin American Research Review, International Studies Quarterly, Latin American Politics and Society, International Politics, Foreign Policy Analysis, and the National Political Science Review.

Horace is the author of The Debt Dilemma: IMF Negotiations in Jamaica, Grenada, and Guyana (University of Warwick, London: Macmillan Press, 1997), which examine the politics of structural adjustment economic reforms in the Caribbean. His latest book is entitled: Drug War Pathologies: Embedded Corporatism and U.S Drug Enforcement in the Americas (University of North Carolina Press, 2019), examines the U.S. drug enforcement regime’s impact on human rights repression, income inequality and democratization in Latin America as well as its impact on mass incarceration, race, income inequality and corporate profits in the United States.

His current book projects are "Pawns and Puppets: Orientalism and the Racial Origins of U.S. Cold War Ideology and Covert Intervention in the Developing World" (Under Contract Cambridge University Press). and "Sinophobia and the Liberal Order: Is China a Present Threat or Pending Manager of Global Liberalism?"
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Spring 2023

  • SISU-306 Adv Int'l Studies Research: Mixed Meth Dsgn Intl St Rsrch

  • SISU-330 Topics in Foreign Pol/Natl Sec: Endogenous Forces: Amer Fp

Fall 2023

  • HNRS-050 Honors Supplement: Endogenous Forces

  • SISU-206 Intro to Int'l Studies Rsrch

  • SISU-330 Topics in Foreign Pol/Natl Sec: Endogenous Forces: Amer Fp