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Photograph of Di Wu

Di Wu Adjunct Instructor School of International Service

Public diplomacy is an increasingly significant part of U.S. foreign policy. Yet it is unclear how U.S. government agencies understand the goals of public diplomacy or differentiate it from other forms of strategic communication. Di Wu’s research seeks to understand how public diplomacy is given meaning by studying the implementation of the U.S. Asia-Pacific re-balance policy. Specifically, Wu investigates and compares how different institutions implement and evaluate programs and, in turn, how this has come to be considered public diplomacy. Using case studies and process tracing, her research not only fills a gap in our understanding of public diplomacy choices but also sheds lights on public diplomacy as an inter-agency practice.

Wu has teaching experience not only as a teaching assistant/instructor for the SIS foundational undergraduate course in IR but has also designed and taught a public diplomacy course in English at Shanghai International Studies University. She is currently the instructor for an SIS online course on Intercultural Communication for Master’s students.


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