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Michael Stanaitis Sr Professorial Lecturer SIS - Global Inquiry

PhD, American University

MA, University of Kentucky

BA, Miami University

Dr. Michael Stanaitis is a Professorial Lecturer affiliated with the Online Programs at SIS, where he teaches classes in international relations theory and quantitative methods and serves as the SRP (Substantial Research Paper) Faculty Coordinator. His research focuses on global political economy, particularly the implications of global economic deconcentration for theories of trade openness as well as discourse regarding the supposed demise of the liberal international economic order and its tacit connections to hegemonic stability theory (HST). He is currently working on a project exploring the interconnections among modern monetary theory (MMT), dollar hegemony, and global trade.

Prior to joining the SIS faculty full-time, Dr. Stanaitis was an adjunct instructor at SIS. Before that, he taught international affairs at Emerson Preparatory School in Washington, D.C., where he served as the Social Studies Department Chair and faculty advisor to Emerson’s Model United Nations team. His teaching specialties include international relations theory, international economics, international human rights, and research methods.
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Spring 2023

  • SIS-696 Selected Topics:Non-Recurring: International Human Rights

Summer 2023

  • SISG-763 Quantitative Methods

Fall 2023

  • SISG-760 Global International Relations

  • SISG-760 Global International Relations

  • SISG-763 Quantitative Methods