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Judith Tickner Distinguished Scholar in Residence School of International Service

Ph.D., Brandeis University; MA, Yale University; BA, University of London.

J. Ann Tickner joined SIS in September 2012 as a Distinguished Scholar in Residence. She is also a Professor Emerita at the University of Southern California where she taught for fifteen years before coming to American University. Her principle areas of teaching and research include international theory, peace and security, and feminist approaches to international relations. She served as President of the International Studies Association from 2006-2007.
For the Media
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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

  • Tickner Award, International Studies Association.  Established in 2011; annual prize
  • J. Ann Tickner Book Prize. Established in 2012 by the School of International Relations, University of Southern California.
  • J. Ann Tickner Prize for the Best Masters Dissertation in International Relations, Queen Mary College University of London (established 2010).
  • Visiting Distinguished Professor, University of Auckland (in residence July 2010).
  • Susan S. Northcutt Award, Women’s Caucus for International Studies, International Studies Association, 2007.
  • Ranked #19 of scholars having the greatest impact on the International Relations discipline over the past 20 years, TRIP Survey 2011.
  • President, International Studies Association 2006-2007.
  • Honorary Ph.D. University of Uppsala, 1999.
  • Named as one of Fifty Key Thinkers in Martin Griffiths, Fifty Key Thinkers in International Relations, 1999, 2nd edition 2009.
  • Eminent Scholar Award, Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section, International Studies Association, 1997  

Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Ford Foundation grant for project entitled “Gender in International Relations – From Seeing Women and Recognizing Gender to Transforming Policy Research,” 1999-2001.
  • German Marshall Fund Award for Guest Lectureships at German Universities, 1995.
  • Ford Foundation grant for project entitled “Gender in International Relations,” 1990.

Selected Publications

  • Feminism and International Relations: Conversations about the Past, Present and Future, ed. with Laura Sjoberg. Routledge, 2011.
  • “Dealing with Difference: Problems and Possibilities for Dialogue in International Relations,” Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 39(3): 607-618, 2011.
  • "Retelling IR’s Foundational Stories: Some Feminist and Postcolonialist Perspectives,” Global Change, Peace and Security, vol. 23, no.1 (February 2011) 5-13.
  • “On the Frontlines or Sidelines of Knowledge and Power? Feminist Practices of Responsible Scholarship,” International Studies Review 3, (2006) (Presidential Address to the International Studies Association).
  • Gendering World Politics: Issues and Approaches in the Post-Cold War World, Columbia University Press, 2001.  Russian edition 2006.
  • Gender in International Relations: Feminist Perspectives on Achieving Global Security, Columbia University Press, 1992: translated into Korean, 2001 and Japanese, 2005.
  • “What Is Your Research Program? Some Feminist Answers to IR’s Methodological Questions,” International Studies Quarterly, 49, 1-21 2005).
  • “You Just Don't Understand: Troubled Engagements Between Feminists and IR Theorists.” International Studies Quarterly, vol.41 (1997).
  • “Hans Morgenthau's Principles of Political Realism: A Feminist Reformulation,” Millennium: Journal of International Studies, vol.17:3(1988).
  • Self-Reliance Versus Power Politics: American and Indian Experiences in Building Nation-States, Columbia University Press, 1987.

Professional Presentations

  • Participant on Roundtable on John Hobson’s book The Eurocentric Conception of World Politics: Western International Theory, 1760-2010. Joint BISA/ISA meeting, Edinburgh, June, 2012.
  • “Retelling IR’s Foundational Stories: Some Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives,” International Relations Colloquium, University of Minnesota, December 2011.
  • “Twenty Years of Feminist International Relations: Reflections on the Past Present and Future,” Department of Political Science, Rutgers University, November 2011.
  • Keynote Address, “Dealing with Difference: Problems and Possibilities for Dialogue in International Relations,” Millennium: Journal of International Studies Annual Conference, October 2010.
  • Keynote Address, “Retelling International Relations’ Foundational Stories: Some Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives”, Oceanic Conference on International Studies, Auckland, New Zealand, July 2010.
  • Keynote Address at Workshop entitled ”Feminist Internationalism: Celebrating Feminist  Engagement With International Law and Politics, Australian National University, November 2009.
  • Keynote Speaker, International Women’s Studies Conference, Izmir University of Economics,  Izmir, Turkey, June 2008.
  • "Journeying Through International Relations: Some Feminist and Postcolonial  Observations,” London School of Economics, United Kingdom, January 2008.