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Communication Studies Professor Laura DeNardis giving a presentation

Reshaping Society, Fostering Innovation

Media at the crossroads of society, politics, culture, and history. At the AU School of Communication, that's what Communication Studies is all about.

Our interdisciplinary programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels are for students seeking deeper understanding of the field of communication and its disciplines.

In brief, our undergraduate program in Communication Studies is a liberal arts-oriented major for the big ideas that unify our sister programs in journalism, public communication, and film & media arts. Our PhD in Communication Studies is an accelerated program designed around the intersection of media, technology, and democracy.

All give you access to the intellectual powerhouse of our faculty, and open the door to opportunities only available in our nation's capital. You'll have the opportunity to deeply analyze some of the world's leading communication campaigns and concepts as they emerge. We are proud of our faculty, who are real-world professionals at the top of their fields and who value mentoring students as much as they value excellence in the classroom.

The growth of new technologies and media approaches had dramatically altered the way we communicate, creating extraordinary challenges and opportunities for communication professionals and scholars alike. Our programs in Communication Studies give you the tools and strategies to successfully navigate today's constantly shifting media landscape, meet those challenges, and make the most of opportunities hidden around the next corner.

SOC welcomes its newest faculty members

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AU Welcomes Impressive Slate of New Communication Faculty

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Professor Filippo Trevisan giving a presentation

PhD in Communication

Research how communication and technology influence civil society. An accelerated program for professional researchers and future academics.

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Melissa Yaeger stands in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

MA in Media, Technology & Democracy

Examine social problems and analyze media and technology trends.

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The backs of three students watching a video of president Trump in a class.

BA in Communication Studies

This interdisciplinary degree combines fundamental skills in communication with grounding in scholarly research. 

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