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Ibrahim Emara Scholar-in-Residence School of Communication

BA Mass Media, Tanta University; MA Mass Media, Cairo University; PhD Mass Media, Cairo University.

Ibrahim Emara is an Associate Professor of Journalism at Faculty of Arts, Tanta University, Egypt, and a Fulbright post-doctoral fellow at American University's School of Communication. He holds MA and PhD degree in Mass Media from the Faculty of Mass Communication Cairo University, and he is the first visually impaired person in Egypt to teach and do research in journalism. In addition, he is a visiting scholar at Hussman School of Journalism and Media, The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. His research focuses on the use of mass media among people with visual impairment. He teaches Media Theories, Journalism History, Newspaper Layout, Newspaper Editing, and Media Translation. Moreover, he is an activist in defending the rights of people with disabilities aiming to achieve equality, inclusion, and accessibility.
His ongoing research interest includes, but not limited to,  investigating the use of new media by visually impaired activists to identify, what topics they discuss; what challenges they encounter; and what impact they might /would have made. In particular, he is utilizing the computational methods to analyze the tweets created by visually impaired activists and those of the organizations helping people with visual impairment. Currently, he is writing a book chapter about visually impaired bloggers who have used blogging sites to raise the public awareness and talk about their issues. Ibrahim’s top mission is to make journalism, as a profession, as a final product, more accessible to people with visual impairment.
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