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Richard Stack

Associate Professor
School of Communication

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    Associate Professor
  • Richard Stack is a full-time professor of Public Communication. He began researching the interaction of courts and media after his work in the Public Defenders Office revealed the criminal justice system’s frequent mistakes. His first books pioneered litigation communication. His third and most recent-- Dead Wrong: Violence, Vengeance & Victims of Capital Punishment--applies theories of public relations to influence opinion about capital punishment. In it, Stack reframes the national debate from, “Does the death penalty deter crime?” to “Can we trust government to make irreversible, life-and-death decisions, when it errs so often?”
  • Degrees

    BA Psychology, Indiana University; JD University of Missouri

  • SOC - School of Communication
  • McKinley - 205

  • (202) 885-2856
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  • Fall 2015

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Area of Expertise: Litigation public relations, public-service public relations, domestic hunger, death penalty issues

Additional Information: Richard Stack has written Litigation Public Relations: Courting Public Opinion (1995); Courts, Counselors, and Correspondents: A Media Relations Analysis of the Legal System (1998); and Dead Wrong: Violence, Vengeance, and the Victims of Capital Punishment (2006).

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