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The AU Project on Civil Discourse recruits, trains, and supervises peer facilitators who are familiar with the program's civil discourse framework. They lead workshops to support students – individuals and groups – in building their voices.

Before you apply, be sure to learn more about the job description of a Peer Facilitator. We are currently accepting applications for our 2021-22 positions. If you plan to study abroad either semester, you are still encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted until 10/24/21. Recommendations may be submitted until 10/31/21. Please reach out to our Program Coordinator, Harsha Mudaliar, at if you have any questions.
Application Form
Recommendation Form


You must submit 3 recommendations in total. One recommendation must come from a professor. It does not need to be a class where you received an A; it should be a class where you feel you contributed meaningfully to the learning environment. For example, it could be a class where you worked collaboratively in small groups, provided insightful commentary during class discussion, attended office hours regularly, or asked thoughtful questions and challenged your own beliefs. It can also come from faculty member affiliated with your program such as Leadership or CBRS.

The second recommendation must come from a peer at AU that can speak to the way you engage in an academic or campus setting. For example, this recommendation can come from someone you worked on a group project with or had class with, someone you worked with at a campus job, a fellow member of Mock Trial or a professional organization, a teammate, or a member of you faith-based or political group, etc. You should not ask people from social settings (i.e: fellow social sorority/fraternity members, roommates).

The third recommendation can be anyone that can speak to your values, and your ability to listen, engage, and communicate effectively with others. For example, you can ask a sibling, friend, pastor, internship supervisor, coach, high school teacher, teammate, etc. Please be sure to let each recommender know which category they fit in so we can keep an accurate list.

Your professor can either write a recommendation letter or upload the questionnaire provided. Your two peers must fill out the questionnaire.

Lara Schwartz

Message from the Director

The American University Project on Civil Discourse is led by Director Lara Schwartz, who teaches in the AU School of Public Affairs.

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