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National Technical Assistance and Training Project (2005-2010)

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) has made a wide range of technical services available, free of charge, to members of the criminal justice community. The services listed below are available to Bureau of Justice Assistance's grantees as well as to any other agency or practitioner in the courts, corrections, law enforcement or crime prevention field. These services are being provided by American University under a cooperative agreement with BJA and include:

  • on-site consultation by senior practitioners and other experts;
  • training workshops for agency staff, on both an individual state basis as well as regionally
  • office-based assistance, including off-site review of documents/plans; telephone consultation on issues that arise
  • dissemination of relevant publications, resource materials, and operational documents developed by various participating sites;
  • facilitation of hosted site visits of project staff to other jurisdictions to observe promising practices for potential replication.
  • promotion of networking among sites through facilitated telephone conference calls on emerging issues of common concern; and
  • peer-to-peer assistance, communication and information sharing regarding operational and policy issues that arise.

The Justice Program Office currently administers the following three projects under the National Technical Assistance and Training Project: