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Senior Crisis Management Seminar (2007-2010)

The Senior Crisis Management Seminar (SCMS) is conducted by the Justice Programs Office, School of Public Affairs, American University for senior professionals from foreign governments who have responsibility for crisis management. The seminar is a one week long, intensive program addressing a wide range of issues relating to crisis/emergency management. The seminar provides needs based instruction concerning the development, resourcing, implementation and localized best practices of crisis management. Through instructor and participant interaction and discussion, participating government officials critically analyze their policies, responses, and situational assessment to crisis management.

The seminar is composed of seven modules, a panel discussion and practical exercises.

The topics of the seven modules are:

  • Principles of Crisis Management
  • Command and Control
  • Analytical Risk Management
  • Communications
  • Media
  • Policy Development and Planning
  • Human Rights

The SCMS interdisciplinary curriculum was developed by experts - both academics and practitioners - in the field of crisis management who serve as the members of the SCMS Advisory Committee, as well as instructors. The curriculum is continually updated to reflect recent developments in the field of crisis management and recognized best practices. Each seminar is adapted to the specific situation of the participating country representatives to ensure that the sessions are relevant to the issues they may need to address. Through a country-focused approach the SCMS instructors provide the participants with a unique opportunity to develop an increased understanding of developments in the field of crisis management and emergency response and apply them to their national situation through practical tabletop exercises.