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American University

October 29, 2021

Dear AU Community,
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated its guidance on booster shots on October 27, 2021, to allow for booster shots for all three COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and J&J/Janssen.

American University continues to work with Walgreens at 3301 New Mexico Avenue NW to offer the vaccines booster shots to our AU community of students, staff and faculty. On this coming Sunday, October 31, 2021 from 10-2 pm, walk-in boosters are available at Walgreens (3301 New Mexico Ave.) to any member of the AU community who:

  • received their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna shot six months ago or more, or,
  • received the J&J/Janssen single shot two months ago or more.

This clinic is open to the American University community only. Students, staff, and faculty of universities are eligible for boosters at this time, according to CDC guidelines.

Please bring with you:

  1. Government-issued ID
  2. Health insurance card
  3. Original COVID vaccination card
  4. Completed consent form for Walgreens (attached)

You can visit to identify all locations where you can receive the booster shot. Anyone eligible for a booster shot can receive it at a variety of locations, including pharmacies and health care providers.

If you have questions about booster shots, please contact your healthcare provider to discuss your options. As additional arrangements are made to offer booster shots with Walgreens, we will provide updates.

Thank you for your continued commitment to supporting our community’s health and safety.

Fanta Aw
Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment, Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence