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American University

March 18, 2022

Dear AU Students,

We are writing to inform you of some changes in the student health insurance plan. Beginning August 1, 2022, the student health insurance plan will be provided by Aetna. Our previous provider’s costs to students was expected to increase by as much as 40%, and Aetna has committed to providing the same high level of comprehensive coverage with a much lower increase in the annual premium.

The coverage period will run from August 1, 2022 - July 31, 2023. Students currently enrolled in the CareFirst student health insurance plan will receive an email in the coming days from our partner, Academic Health Plans (AHP), about the transition. Students graduating in May will retain their CareFirst coverage through July 2022 and may contact AHP about enrolling in the Aetna plan if they would like to continue coverage.

As a reminder, all full-time students and students on F-1 and J-1 visas will be billed for student health insurance upon full-time enrollment for the fall semester. Students who already have comparable insurance coverage may apply for a waiver to be evaluated by AHP. If the existing plan provides comprehensive coverage in Washington, DC and is approved by AHP, the charge will be removed from the student’s bill and the student will not be enrolled in the Aetna plan.

The waiver application and insurance activation period runs from May 16, 2022 - September 12, 2022.

Please be aware that health plans from outside of the DC, Virginia, or Maryland area, including Medicaid plans, may not provide comprehensive coverage in Washington, DC and may have limited eligibility for a waiver.

Students who do not waive or activate their Aetna student health insurance plan by September 12, 2022 will automatically be enrolled in the Aetna plan in mid-September. Students will not be able to waive coverage after September 12, 2022.

In the coming weeks, you will receive additional communication regarding the benefits provided by Aetna and the waiver process. Please be sure to read emails you receive from Academic Health Plans.

If you have any questions about the student health insurance waiver or enrollment process, please feel free to contact AU Central (


Fanta Aw Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment, Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence

Peter Starr Provost and Chief Academic Officer