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If You Test Positive

If you receive a positive test result, isolate.

American University follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for isolation. For more information on visit


If your positive test or symptom onset was in the past five days, please self-isolate immediately. Day Zero of isolation is the date the positive test was administered or the day of symptom onset, whichever was later.

Do NOT come work or classes in person or attend any in-person university events or programs during your isolation period. Please stay home, separate yourself from others, monitor your health, and follow any directions provided by your state or local health department and/or healthcare provider. 

Students, please communicate directly with each of your professors to make arrangements for missing any work while you are sick and/or self-isolating. Faculty have the discretion to make alternative arrangements when students are sick. You can also contact your academic advisor for additional support. If your absence from class is longer than a few consecutive days and you have sought medical attention, you should contact the Office of the Dean of Students for additional support. 

Faculty and staff, notify your supervisor that you will not be able to come to campus. If you are not well enough to work remotely or your modality does not allow for remote work, report sick leave consistent with the Sick and Safe Leave Policy. If you have questions regarding your work arrangements, please contact

Release from Isolation

You may be released from isolation on Day Six if your symptoms are improving and you are fever free for 24 hours.  You must wear a mask in public for at least five additional days (Days 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10). 

Residential Students: Isolate in Room

Any student who lives in AU-operated housing and tests positive must either:

  • self-isolate in their room for the full length of isolation; or, 
  • find alternate accommodations outside of AU Housing spaces (such as at home) during isolation. Students will not be relocated and will not be permitted to move to any other residence hall during the isolation period.

Guide for Students Isolating in Room

On-campus residents must isolate in their current residence hall room, but can leave their room to acquire food and supplies, attend medical appointments, and conduct other necessary activities while masking. 

Get Well Soon Meals are available to any residential student who is unable to leave their room due to illness. Please contact the AU Kitchen for assistance.

If You're Exposed

  • Start wearing a mask as soon as you find out you were exposed (if it has been less than 10 days since exposure.)
  • Take precautions and wear a mask for 10 days, as you can still develop COVID-19 up to 10 days after exposure. 
  • Get tested at least 5 days after your last exposure.
    • If negative, take precautions through Day 10 post-exposure.
    • If positive, isolate immediately,
  • If symptoms develop at any time in the 10 days after exposure, self-isolate immediately and get tested.