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Eagle Endowment Nets Top Prize Eagle Endowment Captures Top Prize in Generous U Competition

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Generous U top prize for 2017 winners.

Congratulations are in order for The Center for Community Engagement and Service's (CCES) Eagle Endowment for Community and Public Services after winning The Sillerman Center's Generous U top prize for their work. Generous U celebrates philanthropy on U.S. Campuses.

The application process was lead by Saagar Gupta. Here is what he had to say about the honor:

"I'm so proud of the Eagle Endowment for Public & Community Service and the advisory council for winning the Generous U Grant Competition. This is an honor to American University, CCES, and the Eagle Endowment as it recognizes the Eagle Endowment as one of the top college philanthropic organizations in the nation! The Council, Julia Moroles, and I put a tremendous amount of time into the grant application and I do believe we earned it. The $10,000 we won will go to strengthening the mission of the Eagle Endowment which turns student passions into projects. We are planning to use the money to fund more student projects, increase the visibility of the Endowment as a student resource around campus, and plan the implementation of a 'Time to Serve' challenge which will encourage students to come up with creative ideas to complex problems in the DMV area and fund the winning project selected by a panel of faculty and non-profit partners who are authorities on the problems. This grant puts us a step closer to being a national model for service and we think other schools could follow our lead."

As part of the application, the Eagle Endowment produced a video showcasing their work. You can watch the video in the link below.