You are here: American University Student Affairs Safety Guidance for AU Students Who May Be Living in DC

Office of Campus Life

January 11, 2021

Dear Students in the Washington, D.C. Area,

In preparation for the inauguration on January 20 and the potential for further incidents in the days leading up to the ceremony, we strongly urge students and all members of the community to exercise caution and avoid the downtown area, including hotels and public settings.

Please be vigilant and avoid places where crowds gather. The combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol has created a highly risky and volatile situation. Staying away from crowds, areas of high traffic, and locations where individuals are failing to distance or practice safety measures is crucial to protecting the health and safety of individuals and our community.

Washington, D.C. is currently under an extended State of Emergency. To make sure you are updated, please do the following:

We advise members of the AU community to minimize use of public transportation and not come to campus unless it is necessary from now until at least January 25. As a reminder, there will be limited access to campus buildings until January 25 and you must use your AU ID (OneCard) to access any buildings or open facilities (including Mary Graydon Center, School of International Service Building, Don Myers Technology and Innovation Building, The Market, and any buildings open for specific classes). The Davenport Lounge, Bridge Café and fitness facilities will remain closed until January 25. For library services, please see the current Library Services page to see how you may use services such as curbside pickup.

Our campus is secure and likely not close to where demonstrations may occur. However, we will continue to monitor events and adjust our security precautions as necessary.

Please stay safe and take care of yourself as we prepare together for a safe and healthy semester.

Fanta Aw