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Fanta Aw Vice President of Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence

July 12, 2021

Dear AU Students,

I am pleased to share with you that as of this weekend, 7,719 American University students had uploaded their proof of vaccination against COVID-19. We’re making great progress!

To all of you who have received the full vaccine series and uploaded your proof, thank you for helping us come back together safely. I know that many of you will be finishing your series shortly and uploading your documentation as well. It is wonderful to see our community spirit in action in this way.

As a reminder, all members of the AU community must show proof of vaccination if you will be on campus for any reason this fall, unless you have been approved by the university for a medical or religious exemption. For students, that means uploading documentation through your student health portal by August 1.

Ensuring that our community is immunized has become even more urgent with the spread of the delta variant. Evidence is mounting that receiving the full vaccine series provides strong protection from this highly contagious variant. That is important to know, as delta now accounts for about half of all new infections in the U.S., and over a quarter in the region that includes Washington, DC, according to CDC predictive estimates.

As it takes 14 days after completion of a vaccine series for an individual to be fully immunized, all students should plan to receive their final doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, or their single Johnson & Johnson dose, by July 27. Upload your documentation after your final dose.

International students and U.S. citizens abroad who do not have access to a full series of vaccines approved by the FDA or World Health Organization should review this group of FAQs for students coming from overseas.

The deadline to request a medical or religious exemption is July 15. Anyone requesting these exemptions must follow established protocols.

It has been a challenging 16 months, and it is inspiring to see how quickly and responsibly Eagles have moved to complete this latest step – receiving the required vaccinations and uploading documentation. Thank you for doing your part to bring us all back together safely.


Fanta Aw
Vice President of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence

David Reitman, M.D.
Medical Director, American University Student Health Center