Academic Excellence

Alumni Bar Mentoring

The Office of Academic Excellence invites recent WCL alums to volunteer as alumni-mentors for our 3Ls! As an alumni-mentor, we encourage you to initiate a mentorship relationship with your student-mentee where we ask you: to share information on your experience with the bar exam application process; to serve as an additional source of accountability and advisor on strategic ways to remain focused; and to provide motivation during the bar exam preparation period. You are not expected to offer substantive bar exam tutoring and advise you to refer your student-mentee to the OAE if they encounter difficulty with substantive issues while preparing for the bar exam. Our office offers a wealth of cost-free resources for students and graduates preparing for the bar exam.

To learn more about being an alumni-mentor, check out this brief presentation.

If you’re interested in serving as an alumni-mentor, please click HERE!