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Class Cancellation & Delayed Opening


The University Provost decides whether or not to close or to delay the opening of the university.

When the University is closed: No classes will meet and offices will be closed. The Law Library is open 24 hours each day.

When University opening is delayed, there are several possible scenarios:

10:00AM opening: Classes that would normally begin at 10:00AM or later will meet as scheduled.
11:00AM opening: Classes that would normally begin at 11:00AM or later will meet as scheduled.

If WCL only, not the entire university, has a delayed opening or is closed, the above information also applies. Such closings and delays will be announced as soon as possible and will be updated regularly, approximately every two hours through 2:00PM.

When the university closes early, classes will end at the time set by the university. If only WCL closes early, classes will end at the time announced for the law school. Decisions to cancel classes that begin at 6:00PM or later, will be announced by 4:00PM.

Faculty who are unable to hold class after a delayed opening or before closing early should notify their students via MyWCL.

If power failure or other problems occur, the WCL Website may not be available for class information so please print this page for your reference. Students may also call (202) 885-1100 beginning at 6 AM to hear a voice-mail recording announcing inclement weather and office closings.

Listed below are the resources that provide information on closings, cancellations, and delays.

In addition to RAVE alerts (see below), information will be available through the following sources. Remember also, to receive a text message and/or email from the University about closings, delayed openings and other emergencies sign up for RAVE alerts (see directions following item 4 below).

AU Information Line: (202) 885-1100

WCL Class Cancellation Line: (202) 274-4400

WCL web site (

Local TV and radio stations:

WAMU (88.5 FM)

WASH (97.1 FM)

WMAL (630 AM)

WTOP (103.5 FM)

To register for RAVE Alerts see next page. To register for RAVE Alerts:


To create a User Account, select Register and enter your username and password.

Enter your first and last name and SELECT FINISH. When you see the Congrats Message, SELECT CONTINUE.

SELECT ACTIVATE RAVE Now to add a mobile phone number.

Enter your 10-digit mobile number and confirm your carrier. If the incorrect carrier is displayed choose your carrier from the dropdown list. SELECT NEXT.

A 4-digit confirmation code is sent to your mobile phone via text message. Enter the 4-digit code in the Confirm Mobile Number field. SELECT FINISH.

Carefully read Terms and Conditions. Select checkbox reading: I have read and agree to Rave Terms and Conditions. SELECT SUBMIT.

Your mobile phone is now registered to receive AU Alerts!

Go to the My Account tab to add landline phone numbers, other email addresses, etc.

Questions? Call (202) 885-2550, email 

We encourage you to register for Rave Alert to be informed of campus emergencies.

Note: If you do not receive a confirmation text message with the 4-digit code, call your carrier and explain that you did not receive an important text message. You can still access your account without your 4-digit code, but you will not be registered for important AU alerts and other important features.

Rave alerts will only be used for critical communications.

Standard text message rates may apply.