National Lawyers Guild

National Lawyers Guild

The Washington College of Law chapter of the National Lawyers Guild strives to bring human rights and legal activism to the law school community. Membership is open to anyone in the WCL Community, and joining the NLG is an opportunity to put social justice principles to work and support the efforts of others like you in our community, locally and nationally.

"...lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests."
- Preamble to NLG Constitution

The National Lawyers Guild Membership network will put you in contact with public interest practitioners and activists working in virtually every movement for social change. We exist to help our members in the struggle for a more humane society.

Disorientation: Social Justice and Law School

“ Every year the NLG publishes a “ Disorientation Handbook ” for law students who aren ’ t satisfied with a traditional legal education. In the words of Arthur Kinoy, famed Guild lawyer and author of the handbook ’ s introduction, the purpose of the booklet “ is to provoke you to challenge traditional notions of how one must practice law and to suggest ways to make you r three years of study more enriching and challenging. ”