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Next Steps in Health Reform 2019

Next Steps in Health Reform is a biennial conference that brings together national leaders in health care law, policy, economics, and administration to track implementation of the Affordable Care Act and other statutes; identify developments on the horizon; and offer bold, new ideas for balancing cost, access, quality and patient autonomy in our rapidly changing health care system.

In 2019, in partnership with the American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics and our cosponsor, American University School of Public Affairs, we hosted a two-day conference attracting speakers from multiple disciplines and from the academy and practice. Papers from the 2019 Next Steps in Health Reform Conference will be published in a symposium in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics guest edited by Brietta Clark, Erin Fuse Brown, and Lindsay Wiley.

The 2021 conference has been postponed. Stay tuned for more announcements about the future of the Next Steps in Health Reform Initiative.

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Next Steps in Health Reform 2019

Pleased to welcome leading health law, policy, and economics experts from across the country to the “Next Steps in Health Reform 2019” to discuss the dynamic health care landscape. Topics included health care delivery and payment reform, private insurance regulation and coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions.