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Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Panels 2021 The Experts Speak Series: Addressing Human Rights in Times of Crisis

From May – July 2021 the Academy on Human Rights hosted a special multi-lingual series as a part of the 2021 Human Rights Summer, known as The Experts Speak Series: Addressing Human Rights in Times of Crisis.

This initiative, co-sponsor with the LL.M. in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, offered over 10+ panels in English and Spanish and aimed to continue promoting human rights in both the academic and professional human rights community, by providing an overview of pertinent human rights topics in the world today.  The series encouraged discussions regarding ways to prevent and denounce human rights violations in the ongoing crisis and its aftermath. This series was part of the substantive discussions offered to LL.M. students, complementing in-class instruction.

The webinars focused on a variety of topics related to international human rights law, such as the challenges of freedom of expression in the pandemic, women's rights in a conjuncture, trends in freedom of expression on Facebook, trends in investigation and cooperation mechanisms on human rights, migrants and human rights, the entry into force of the Escazú agreement, the sustainable development goals (SDG) and access to justice, among others.

The Series of over 10+ webinars featured panelists from a variety of backgrounds and expertise ranging from AUWCL faculty, leaders within the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, non-profit Executive Directors and representatives, local activists, and chairs, rapporteurs, and special advisors with the United Nations. 

A number of the webinars are hosted in collaboration with organizations including the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression, and Pathfinders, among others.

All of the webinars were recorded and are available for the general public below.