Financial Aid

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans

The LL.M. programs offer a variety of institutional scholarships with the majority awarded through the LL.M. admissions process. The awarding of scholarships is determined by the individual LL.M. programs; not the AUWCL Financial Aid Office. For more information on LL.M. scholarships.

To view the LL.M. Scholarship Policy, please click here. 

Individual LL.M. programs offer fellowship opportunities. Fellowships are designed for incoming exceptional students enrolling in a particular LL.M. program. Successful applicants will have an exemplary academic background and a demonstrated potential to excel in the program. The fellowship applications have distinct requirements and the individual LL.M. program and/or the AUWCL Office of Graduate Admissions should be contacted for more details. For more information on LL.M. fellowships.

Through the generosity of AUWCL friends and alumni, dozens of named scholarships are awarded annually. Selection criteria for these scholarships vary. Most commonly awards are based on financial need and academic achievement. There are scholarships specifically ear-marked for LL.M. students and those with a valid FAFSA on file are automatically considered during the fall semester; no separate institutional application is required. SJD students are not eligible to apply for Restricted Scholarships.

For more information about Restricted Scholarships.

Federal education loans may be available to help off-set the cost of attendance. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed online to determine eligibility. A minimum enrollment of six credits is required to receive federal loans. For more detailed information on the federal loan programs and application process.

Private education loans may be available to help off-set the cost of attendance. Most lenders require the student applicant to have a U.S. citizen or permanent resident as a co-signer on the loan. All private education loans are based on the credit of the student applicant and the co-signer. The terms and conditions of the loan vary between lenders.

All private education loans must be certified by the AUWCL Office of Financial Aid and borrowers must notify the office in writing when approved. Additional processing time is required and refunds for living expenses, if applicable, may be delayed.

To assist you in finding a lender, the following link provides an alphabetical listing of lenders that international students at American University have borrowed from in the past three years.  You may select any lender of your choosing, and you will not be penalized for choosing a lender not listed.  You should compare these options to any government sponsored educational loan programs available in your home country. American University does not endorse, recommend, or promote any of the listed lenders.