Israel/Iran and the Bomb

, Abramson Family Founders Room, SIS Building

Updated 11/9/12

Does Iran actually aims at developing nuclear weapons? Are Israel or the United States likely to strike Iran militarily and what are the potential results of such a strike? Are there alternatives to a military strike? Could a nuclear Iran be contained or deterred? And what are the long-term prospects for a nuclear free Middle East?
This panel of experts, moderated by SIS Dean James Goldgeier, will provide spectrum of perspectives on the topic and clear some of the “fog of war” that surrounds this increasingly threatening situation.
Sponsors: International Politics Program (SIS), The Center for Israel Studies

Moderator: James Goldgeier, Dean of the School of International Service

Panel Speakers (Affiliation/ Expertise) :
Trita Parsi (National Iranian American Council/ Iranian policy and US policy on Iran)
Michael Singh (Washington Institute for Near East Policy/ US Middle East policy)
Natan Sachs (Saban Center, Brookings Institution/ Israel’s Middle East policy and domestic politics)
Sharon Wiener (American University/ Nuclear proliferation)
Panel Discussion
SIS: Global Governance, Politics and Security Program (GGPS)
Center for Israel Studies
Catherine Favier-Kelly

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