American University Master Commissioning Plan (PDF)

Facilities Management (FM) has established an enhanced in-house commissioning program to help influence positive outcomes and consistent quality across all campus construction.

Commissioning at American University is a collaborative quality assurance process which helps the University to ensure that its projects and facilities are consistent with the University's Design and Construction Standards, emphasize life cycle cost based decision making, meet operational needs and sustainability goals, and ultimately achieve their design and construction intent. In other words, commissioning is another way AU ensures that it is building and maintaining the best facilities possible for living, learning, and working.

The Facilities Staff coordinates full-commissioning services for all of AU's Capital Projects, ensuring that operations and maintenance teams are engaged in projects as early as possible to enhance their input and understanding of each building and its systems.

Facilities Management coordinated, or is currently coordinating commissioning services for all of the Capital Projects listed below which encompass 14 new buildings.

  • School of International Service
  • Cassell Hall
  • Nebraska Hall Addition
  • 4401 Connecticut Ave (WAMU)
  • McKinley, School of Communications
  • Washington College of Law (Tenley Campus)
  • The East Campus Expansion

In addition to capital projects, the Facilities Staff performs in-house commissioning efforts on Capital Reserve and Deffered Maintenance (CRDM) and other University projects.

AU's commissioning program will continue to grow by integrating retrocommissioning and ongoing commissioning into planned maintenance activities. Retrocommissioning is commissioning of existing facilities that weren't initially commissioned when built. Ongoing commissioning is continuous documentation and verification that a building, or building system is running as designed.

In the same vein, Facilities Management works collaboratively with the Office of Sustainability in the University’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Volume Project, an effort which will include the retrocommissioning of 25 existing buildings—and ongoing commissioning thereafter. American University is one of an elite few instituions in the world that is helping the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) pilot and establish the LEED Volume framework.