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Sustainability Plan

American University's strategic plan calls for "an active pursuit of sustainability" on campus. Following the adoption of sustainability into the strategic plan, the Office of Sustainability was created and the university's first carbon action plan was completed. This plan created the initial framework to guide AU toward carbon neutrality by 2020. In 2014, a comprehensive sustainability plan was developed by the sustainability working group to include action items related to all aspects of sustainability.

The sustainability plan addresses actions focused on the following areas:

  • Education and research;

  • Operations; and

  • Administration and engagement.

Specific goals include:

  • Engage Students in Co-Curricular Sustainability

  • Enrich Sustainability in the Curriculum

  • Promote Research on Sustainability

  • Build and Maintain Green Buildings and Grounds

  • Achieve Climate Neutrality by 2020

  • Purchase Greener Products

  • Send Near Zero Waste to Landfill

  • Promote Employee Engagement in Sustainability

  • Investigate Responsible Sustainable Investing

  • Increase Community Service

  • Sponsor Annual Sustainability Service Event