Frequently Asked Questions

Alumni Audit & Community Audit

The following are answers to commonly asked questions regarding AU's Alumni Audit and Community Audit programs.

If your question is not answered here, please contact us at for Alumni Audit related questions and for Community Audit related questions.

No. Submitting your application form online is only the first step in the process of auditing. After your application is submitted, the Office of Alumni Relations will verify your information and ensure that there is an open seat in the class in order to have the Registrar enroll you. We may not enroll alumni or community auditors until the first week of class. This is a timely process so please have patience with us during this time period.

The outright answer is NO. However, enrollment is constantly changing throughout the add/drop period. We recommend that you only attempt to audit a course that is listed as OPEN.

During the add/drop period, if a class opens up, we will do everything we can to enroll you, but we cannot guarantee enrollment. If we are unable to enroll you in your requested class(es), your audit fee will be refunded.

Please know that just because a class is OPEN when you submit your form does not mean the class will be open during the add/drop period (typically the first two weeks) of the semester. Please monitor the enrollment on the Schedule of Classes page from the time you submit your registration up until the add/drop period. This will be your best indication of whether our office can enroll you in the class. 

No. Alumni and community members may audit only one course per semester. There is an exception exclusively for the summer semester: Auditors may enroll in one course for both the first and second summer session, for a total of two courses for the summer semester. Separate audit fees apply. 

Yes, auditors may enroll in one course for both the first and second summer session, for a total of two courses for the summer semester. Separate audit fees apply. 

No credit is given for courses taken through this program, and courses will not appear on transcripts. Participants who wish to receive credit for courses must register as non-degree students and pay tuition at the prevailing rates.

Departments and schools require auditors to obtain approval in order to audit a class. This is to ensure that professors can accommodate auditors and that the professor is aware of the auditor's enrollment. Once you are enrolled in a course, it is recommended that you contact the professor again to confirm your enrollment.

Unfortunately, the professor will not always give approval for auditors to enroll in their class. In this case, we suggest selecting another course section or a different course.

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to submit payment. Auditors will not be registered until payment has been received. If you do not receive this confirmation email after submitting your application, email

Auditors are eligible to receive a 100% refund until close of business on the given refund deadline date for the semester.

Note: If you decide to drop a class, you must notify the professor and Office of Alumni Relations at in order to receive a refund. No refunds will be offered after the refund deadline for the semester.