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Any AU alumnus/a/i who graduated in the last 10 years and lives in the DC or NYC metropolitan areas are welcome to join a Young Alumni Chapter. Both chapters sponsor social, cultural, and professional events and work with other affinity groups to create meaningful programs to enrich the lives of young alumni.

Young Alumni Chapters

Get Involved: Fill out this form if you're interested in joining a Chapter Board. Update your contact information to receive the most up-to-date emails from your chapter. Contact EmilyAnn Walrath, director for student and young alumni engagement, for more information.

DC Young Alumni

President: Ritanch Hans, SIS/BA '13; Kogod/MS '15
Executive Vice President: Thomas Florczak, CAS/BA '17
Vice President of Outreach and Engagement: Claire Moyer, Kogod/BA '13 
Vice President of University Relations: Rebecca Bock, SIS/BA '16

At-Large Members:
Tiffany Bach, SIS/BA '16
Amanda Baker, SIS/MA '15
Elliot Bell-Krasner, SPA/MPP '12
Jackie Breuer, SIS/BA '15
Tony Cohn, SOC/BA '15
Palak Gosar, SPA/BA '13
Aava Khajavi, CAS/BA '16
Danyal Sheikh, Kogod/BA/BS '17
Evie Unsworth, SPA/BA '16

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NYC Young Alumni

President: Jon Menaster, SIS/MA '10
Vice President: John Antokas, Kogod/BSBA '12
Secretary: Eryn Leinoff, Kogod/BSBA '14
Communications Chair: Vacant

At-Large Members:
Sarah DeStefano, SPA/BA '09
Victoria Diez, SOC/BA '12
Kyler Halat-Shafer, Kogod/BSBA '17
Ed Levandoski, SPA/BA '11
Hannah Rubin, SOC/BA '13
Cory Waltrip, Kogod/BS '17

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