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AU Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Band

Sunday, April 25, 2021
4:00 p.m. ET
Virtual Concert

Matthew Brown, Conductor
Martin Garfield-Levine, Orchestra Manager
Sanae Kodaira Hendy, Band Manager

The American University Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Band continue their journeys in asynchronously pre-recorded "virtual ensemble" pieces in this program of varied repertoire. All pieces are recorded one part at a time by each musician and then compiled in audio software to sound as the full ensemble. The results are quite impressive! Join us as we present and talk about our work.

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AU Symphonic Band & Orchestra


A Little Tango Music

Adam Gorb (b. 1958)

“Andante cantabile” from String Quartet No. 1

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

From the Delta

I. Work Song
II. Spiritual
III. Dance

William Grant Still

St. Paul’s Suite Gustav Holst
I. Jig (1874-1934)

IV. Ostinato
V. Intermezzo
VI. Finale

“Nimrod” from Enigma, Variations on an Original Theme Op. 36 Edward Elgar


Violin I

  • Caroline Casio
  • Irene Yuxian Fauta
  • Jean-Louise Guill
  • Bijan Moore

Violin II

  • Potter Clark
  • Alya Lawindo
  • Kevin Leach


  • Robin Miller
  • Tiana Taylor


  • Bobo Liang
  • Michael Brown
  • Madeleine Corrigan
  • James Gray
  • Alessandra Hill
  • Talia Marshall
  • Sophia Marie Thomas
  • Olivia Weeden


James Blair


  • Tara Amberger
  • Megan Long
  • Sundre Winslow


Meaghan Davis


  • Yannick Joseph
  • Matthew Lipka
  • Jacob Niederman

Alto Saxophone

Kira Ashton

Tenor Saxophone

  • Bailey Hobbs
  • Gryffin Rom
  • Giancarlo Trotti

French Horn

  • Ethan Corpuel
  • Julia Neff


  • Josh Cotlar
  • Harry Wise


Jacob Crater


William Stevenson


  • Mary Kern
  • William Stevenson


Brendan Moriak


James Serventi


Carlo Zahl-Batlle

Video/Audio Editors

  • Matthew Brown
  • Potter Clark
  • Brendan Moriak
  • Julia Neff

Greenberg Theatre/Katzen Arts Center Production Group

  • Operations Managers: Lisa Barr and Greg Anderson 
  • Technical Coordinator & Streaming Engineer: Daniel Erickson 
  • Technical Support: Wyatt BalaEddy, John Stahrr, and Erin Sullivan 
  • Production & Event Coordinator: Michael R. Burgtorf
  • Patron Services & Event Coordinator: Samuel Megill
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Ashon T. Mask
  • Website & Program Support: Thomas Meal and Dylan Singleton