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AU Chorus: Connectivity II

Monday, April 26, 2021
7:30 p.m. ET
Virtual Concert

Dr. Casey Cook, Director

The American University Chorus has spent the semester exploring the intersection of the realities of physical distance, technological advancement, and the art of singing in an ensemble to produce a “virtual performance”. This semester’s work focuses on pieces by five female composers who are all currently writing music in the US, featuring works by Grace Brigham, Karen Siegel, Ashi Day, Melissa Dunphy, and Caroline Shaw.

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AU Chorus: Connectivity II


a survival plan of sorts 

Melissa Dunphy


Karen Siegel

and the swallow

Caroline Shaw

Life Has a Loveliness to Sell

Grace Brigham

Even So, Lord, Quickly Come

Ashi Day



  • Yasmine Aziz
  • Gabrielle Bertrand
  • Helena Chaves
  • Della Johnson
  • Robyn Walters
  • Sarah Yoest


  • Alex Benton 
  • Emily Brignand
  • Olivia Keane
  • Victoria Kiechel
  • Anastasia Maragos
  • Sarah McKellar
  • Sophia Mohlulis
  • Sara Murray 


  • Stephen Brown
  • Jarryd Delaney
  • Emily Lawrence
  • Alex Wagner


  • William Stevenson
  • Brian Thomas
  • Karl Usuka


Barbara Wilkinson

Graduate Assistants

Brookes Pennell and Abby Berman

Greenberg Theatre/Katzen Arts Center Production Group

  • Operations Managers: Lisa Barr and Greg Anderson 
  • Technical Coordinator & Streaming Engineer: Daniel Erickson 
  • Technical Support: Wyatt BalaEddy, John Stahrr, and Erin Sullivan 
  • Production & Event Coordinator: Michael R. Burgtorf
  • Patron Services & Event Coordinator: Samuel Megill
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Ashon T. Mask
  • Website & Program Support: Thomas Meal and Dylan Singleton