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Nicole Angotti Assistant Professor Sociology

PhD, Sociology, University of Texas at Austin

MA, International Educational Development, Teachers College, Columbia University

BA, Sociology, University of California, San Diego

Nicole Angotti is Assistant Professor of Sociology at American University (AU) and a Research Fellow of AU’s Center on Health, Risk and Society (CHRS). She is also affiliated with the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado Boulder and the School of Public Health at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, where, before joining AU, she was a Hewlett Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow with the African Population Studies Research and Training Program. Her research addresses cultural, social and institutional dimensions of health and wellbeing, and focuses on four research areas: the differential incorporation of global health interventions into local contexts; social and political consequences of epidemics; disease across the life course; and the social production of knowledge about health. Some of the issues she has addressed in her work include the implementation of Western HIV testing norms in rural African health facilities; the unintended consequences of global HIV interventions targeting pregnant women and African sexual minorities; the sexual life course trajectories and HIV vulnerability of older Africans; and how and why different modes of data collection yield different answers to similar research questions. Angotti has published in top journals, including Gender & Society, Social Science & Medicine, Culture, Health & Sexuality, Global Public Health, Qualitative Sociology, Sociology of Development, and Population and Development Review, and her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the DC Center for AIDS Research (DC CFAR). She is currently working on two projects — an ongoing study (with colleagues in the US and South Africa) focused on the causes and consequences of the HIV and NCD epidemics in older ages in rural post-apartheid South Africa; and a new study, with AU Sociology students as research partners, focused on how young adults are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic during a major life course transition. At AU, Angotti teaches courses in US Society in Global Perspective, Health and Rights, Birth and Death, and Social Research Methods.
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Fall 2020

  • SOCY-620 Social Research Methods

Spring 2021

  • SOCY-335 Birth and Death

  • SOCY-475 Health/Rights Transnat'l Persp

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Selected Publications

For full listing of publications, see

Angotti, Nicole, Tara McKay and Rachel Sullivan Robinson (2019). “Lgbt Visibility and Anti-Gay Backlash: Unintended Consequences of Responses to HIV/AIDS in Malawi and Senegal” Sociology of Development, Special Issue on Global Health and Development, 5(1), 71-90

Mojola, Sanyu and Nicole Angotti (2019). “’Sometimes it is not about men’: Gendered and Generational Discourses of Caregiving HIV Transmission in a Rural South African Setting” Global Public Health, Special Issue on African Voices in Global Health: Knowledge, Creativity, and Accountability, 1-13

Angotti, Nicole, Sanyu Mojola, Enid Schatz, Jill Williams and F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé (2018). “’Taking Care’ in the Age of AIDS: Older Rural South Africans’ Strategies for Surviving the HIV Epidemic” Culture, Health & Sexuality, 20(3), 262-275

Sennott, Christie and Nicole Angotti (2016). “Reconsidering Gendered Sexualities in a Generalized AIDS Epidemic” Gender & Society, 30(6), 935-967

McKay, Tara and Nicole Angotti (2016). “Ready Rhetorics: Political Homophobia and Activist Discourses in Malawi, Nigeria and Uganda” Qualitative Sociology, Special Issue on Gender and Globalization, 39(4), 397-420

Angotti, Nicole, Margaret Frye, Amy Kaler, Michelle Poulin, Susan Cotts Watkins and Sara Yeatman (2014). “Popular Moralities and Institutional Rationalities in Malawi’s Struggle Against AIDS” Population and Development Review, 40(3), 447-473

Angotti, Nicole and Amy Kaler (2013). “The More You Learn the Less You Know? Interpretive Ambiguity Across Three Modes of Qualitative Data” Demographic Research, 28(33), 951-980

Angotti, Nicole, Kim Yi Dionne and Lauren Gaydosh (2011). “An Offer You Can’t Refuse? Provider-Initiated HIV Testing and Antenatal Care in Rural Malawi” Health Policy and Planning, 26(4), 307-315

Angotti, Nicole (2010). “Working Outside of the Box: How HIV Counselors in sub-Saharan Africa Adapt Western HIV Testing Norms” Social Science and Medicine, 71(5), 986-993

Angotti, Nicole, Agatha Bula, Lauren Gaydosh, Eitan Zeev Kimchi, Rebecca Thornton and Sara Yeatman (2009). “Increasing the Acceptability of HIV Counseling and Testing with Three C’s: Convenience, Confidentiality and Credibility” Social Science and Medicine, 68(12), 2263-2270

Research Interests

Cultural, social and institutional dimensions of health and wellbeing; Population studies; HIV/AIDS; Gender/sexuality; Development/social change; Global/transnational processes; Aging & life course; Field research methods; Africa

Grants and Sponsored Research

Principal Investigator, “HIV after 50 in its Chronic Era in Rural South Africa” - District of Columbia Center for AIDS Research (DC CFAR) (2019-2021)

Co-Investigator (PI of AU sub-award), “HIV after 40 in Rural South Africa: Aging in the Context of an HIV/AIDS Epidemic” -  National Institute on Aging (NIA) (2016-2021)