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Winners Announced! Mathias Student Research Conference

Excellence in scholarship and creative works awarded

This year, the 32nd annual American University Mathias Student Research Conference came back to campus as an in-person event, as College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students presented their original scholarly and creative works.

The research conference is funded in part by a generous grant from the late Robyn Rafferty Mathias, AU trustee and alumna.  

“The Mathias conference is where our students showcase their original research and scholarly and creative work before colleagues, faculty, and friends,” says College of Arts and Sciences Interim Dean Max Paul Friedman. “The late AU trustee and alumna Robyn Rafferty Mathias was committed to giving young people the tools and resources to become educated, contributing, and compassionate citizens. We are pleased that her legacy continues through this memorable annual event. Congratulations to the winners!” 

Awards List

Undergraduate Humanities Workshop

Ames Jewart

Senior, Literature: Transcultural Studies   

I Have to Tell My Story Properly: Narrative and Comedic Form in Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette 
Advisors: Lindsey Green-Simms and Jeffrey Middents   

Graduate Humanities Workshop

Hannah Nanette Karkari

MA Candidate, Art History   

A Charming Fabrication: Gender Ambivalence and Shojo Aesthetics in the Portraits of Ashihara Kuniko
Advisor: Ying-chen Peng    

Undergraduate Social Sciences Workshop

Mathias winners: Liana Garcia Nitya Aggarwal Hannah Nisonson Kayah Ryerson

Nitya Aggarwal, Liana Garcia, Hannah Nisonson, and Kayah Ryerson

Nitya: Junior, International Studies and Environmental Science
Hannah: MS Candidate, Environmental Science
Liana: Junior, International Relations and Environmental Science
Kayah: Sophomore, Political Science and Environmental Science   

Transforming our Food System Starts With Understanding Wasted Food: Compilation and Interpretation of Existing Wasted Food Data Sources 
Advisor: Sauleh Siddiqui   

Graduate Social Sciences Workshop

Lindsey Sparrock  

Doctoral Candidate, Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Development of a Decisional Balance Scale for Young Adult E-Cigarette Use
Advisor: Laura Juliano

Undergraduate Natural Sciences Workshop

Kruttika Gopal

Senior, Environmental Studies and Political Science   

Disparities in Particulate Matter Monitoring and Pollution Across Washington, DC.
Advisor: Valentina Aquila  

Graduate Natural Sciences Workshop

Marissa Marko

Doctoral Candidate, Behavior, Cognition and Neuroscience

Cerebellar modulation of reading accuracy and speed
Advisor: Catherine Stoodley   

Undergraduate Physical Sciences Workshop

Caleb Dando-Haenisch  

Sophomore, Physics

Unsupervised Machine Learning Method to Identify Solar Coronal Holes on Satellite Images
Advisors: Silvina Guidoni and Jessica Uscinski

Graduate Physical Sciences Workshop

David Dunleavy

MS Candidate, Computer Science

MCTSLib: Reproducible Real-time Statistical Decision Making
Advisor: Mark Nelson

Tate Altman

MS Candidate, Mathematics of Information and Security   

Shannon Sampling via Poisson, Cauchy, Jacobi and Levin  
Advisor: Stephen Casey  

Undergraduate Humanities Final Work

Rebekah Potter  

Senior, Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG) and Art History

The Power in the Madonna’s Breasts and Milk: Leonardo da Vinci’s Litta Madonna Through a Proto-Feminist Lens
Advisor: Kim Butler

Graduate Humanities Final Work

Brookes Pennell

MA Candidate, Arts Management

The Palestinian Musician: How an artist makes a living in the West Bank
Advisor: Ximena Varela 

Undergraduate Social Sciences Final Work

Sophie C. Hathaway

Senior, Public Health and Health Promotion   

Substance Use, Depression, and Health Quality of Life Disparities among Rural and Urban Sexual Minority Adults: A National Probability Sample  
Advisor: Ethan Mereish   

Graduate Social Sciences Final Work

Eric Turnquist

MA Candidate, Psychology   

Episodic future thinking as an intervention for dependent e-cigarette users
Advisor: Laura Juliano   

Undergraduate Physical Sciences Final Work

Ashley Bastin

Senior, Biology   

Investigating the Interactions Between TPL and AP1 in Arabidopsis thaliana Stem Cell Function
Advisor: Naden Krogan

Graduate Physical Sciences Final Work

Elisa Davey

MS Candidate, Environmental Science

Microplastics and PAHs in Sediment Samples of Nash Run, Urban Tributary to the Anacostia River
Advisor: Barbara Balestra