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CAS Faculty Book Roundup

College of Arts and Sciences faculty are publishing across disciplines and genres

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College of Arts and Sciences faculty are sharing trailblazing scholarship, pulling from their experience inside and outside the classroom, crafting poetry, and spinning stories to publish books across the arts, humanities, and sciences.  

Recent book releases by CAS faculty include a vital history of bankruptcy in America, new and selected poems by David Keplinger, an exploration of the politics behind modern environmental policy, and a masterful novel about secrets, sisters, and survival. Read on to learn more about just some of the books written by CAS faculty!

Leonard Bernstein and Washington DC: Works, Politics, Performances

Leonard Bernstein and Washington, DC: Music, Politics, and Performances

Daniel Abraham (Alicia Kopstein-Penk and Andrew Weaver, co-editors)
University of Rochester Press

By examining Bernstein through the lens of Washington, DC, this book offers new insights into his life and music from the 1940s through the 1980s, including his role in building the city's artistic landscape, his political-diplomatic aims, and his relationships with the nation's political elites.

Made to Explode

Made to Explode  

Sandra Beasley
W.W. Norton & Company

Acclaimed poet Sandra Beasley interrogates the landscapes of her life in decisive, fearless, and precise poems that fuse intimacy and intensity. She probes memories of growing up in Virginia, in Thomas Jefferson’s shadow, where liberal affluence obscured and perpetuated racist aggressions, but where the poet was simultaneously steeped in the cultural traditions of the American South.


Building Walls

Building Walls: Excluding Latin People in the United States  

Ernesto Castañeda
Lexington Books

The election of Donald Trump has called attention to the border wall and anti-Mexican discourses and policies, yet these issues are not new. Building Walls puts the recent calls to build a border wall along the US-Mexico border into a larger social and historical context.


Reshaping the World

Reshaping the World: Rethinking Borders

Ernesto Castañeda
MDPI. Basel, Switzerland  

This volume provides information and analyses to better grasp the social implications of geographical border,s as well as the individuals who travel between them and those who live in border regions.



Social Movements 1768 to 2018

Social Movements, 1768-2018

Ernesto Castañeda. (with Charles Tilly and Lesley Wood)

Social Movements 1768-2018 provides the most comprehensive historical account of the birth and spread of social movements. This new edition includes case studies focusing on social movements in Mexico, Spain, and the United States including Black Lives Matter, immigrants’ rights struggles, The Indignados, mass incarceration and prisoner rights, and more. 


Out of Place

Out of Place: Artists, Pedagogy, and Purpose

Edited by Tim Doud, Zoë Charlton
Punctum Books  

Out of Place: Artists, Pedagogy, and Purpose presents an overview of the different paths taken by artists and artist collectives as they navigate their way from formative experiences into pedagogy.


The West House

The West House  

Erik Dussere
Regal House  

A work of literary fiction with an American mystery at its center, The West House is about the traumatic pasts that haunt the book’s characters, and about the stories that it is possible for us to tell about those pasts.


Climate Change: Science, and the Politics of Shared Sacrifice

Climate Change, Science, and the Politics of Shared Sacrifice

Todd Eisenstadt, and Stephen MacAvoy 
Oxford University Press  

Designed for undergraduate courses that cover climate change politics within environmental studies, politics, and international relations courses, Climate Change, Science, and The Politics of Shared Sacrifice integrates science and policy within each chapter by considering technical issues as well as their political implications. It reflects the recent changes in US climate policy under President Biden, as well as by other international actors, and covers recent technological advances, including carbon capture, storage and solar energy efficiency.


Health promotion and education

Health Promotion and Education: Content and Curriculum

Jolynn Gardner (and Robert Wandberg)
Cognella Publishing

The second edition of Health Promotion and Education: Content and Curriculum presents students with best practices for school and public health education. Filled with practical applications and examples, the book is written with future professional experiences in mind and provides teaching strategies and learning activities for diverse learning populations.


Advances in Info-Metrics

Advances in Info-Metrics: Information and Information Processing across Disciplines  

Edited by Amos Golan (With Min Chen, J. Michael Dunn, Aman Ullah)
Oxford University Press  

Min Chen, J. Michael Dunn, Amos Golan, and Aman Ullah bring together a group of 30 experts to expand the study of info-metrics across the sciences and demonstrate how to solve problems using this interdisciplinary framework.


Disgust, a Memoir

Disgust: A Memoir  

Stephanie Grant
Scuppernong Editions

In this hybrid memoir, Stephanie Grant works to make sense of three generations of female self-disgust in her family while considering how it challenges both the American ideal of equality and our real-life experiences of intimacy. 



Queer African Cinemas

Queer African Cinemas

Lindsey Green-Simms
Duke University Press

Queer African Cinemas examines films produced by and about queer Africans in the first two decades of the twenty-first century in an environment of increasing antiqueer violence, efforts to criminalize homosexuality, and other state-sanctioned homophobia.


Bankrupt in America

Bankrupt in America: A History of Debtors, Their Creditors, and the Law in the Twentieth Century

Mary Eschelbach Hansen and Bradley A. Hansen
University of Chicago Press

In 2005, more than two million Americans—six out of every 1,000 people—filed for bankruptcy. In Bankrupt in America, Mary and Brad Hansen offer a vital perspective on the history of bankruptcy in America, beginning with the first lasting federal bankruptcy law enacted in 1898.


The World to Come

The World to Come  

David Keplinger
Conduit Books

The World to Come, by David Keplinger, the author of seven books of poetry, is the winner of the third annual Minds on Fire Open Book Prize awarded by Conduit Books & Ephemera. A dazzling collection of prose poems, The World to Come imagines the future while honoring the prose poem's rich tradition.


The Long Answer

The Long Answer  

David Keplinger
Stephen F. Austin University Press

Selected from five books highlighting more than 20 years of work, The Long Answer marks the best of David Keplinger’s engagement with the lyric form, from his first collection, chosen by Mary Oliver for the T.S. Eliot Prize, to his most recent, winner of the Rilke Prize in 2019. The collection also features over 30 pages of new material.


Haunting without Ghosts

Haunting without Ghosts: Spectral Realism, Violence in Colombian Literature, Film, and Art

Juliana Martínez
University of Texas Press, 2020

Juliana Martínez argues that recent Colombian novelists, filmmakers, and artists―from Evelio Rosero and William Vega to Beatriz González and Erika Diettes―share a formal and thematic concern with the spectral but shift the focus from what the ghost is toward what the specter does.


Univariate Stable Distributions

Univariate Stable Distributions

John P. Nolan 
Springer Nature

Introduces the theory, numerical algorithms, and statistical methods associated with stable distributions with an accessible, non-technical approach. Highlights the many practical applications of stables distributions, including in finance, statistics, engineering, physics, and more.


Living on the Edge: When Hard Times Become a Way of Life by Celine-Marie Pascal

Living on the Edge: When Hard Times Become a Way of Life

Celine-Marie Pascale 

Living on the Edge is about individual experiences and a nation in a deep economic and moral crisis. It’s about the collusion between government and corporations that prioritizes profits over people, over the environment, and over the nation’s well-being. It’s about how racism, sexism, violence, and the pandemic affect struggling communities. And it’s about hope and a vision for the future.


Cold War Space and Culture in the 1960s and 1980s

Cold War Space and Culture in the 1960s and the 1980s: The Bunkered Decades

David Pike
Oxford University Press

Cold War Space and Culture in the 1960s and 1980s focuses on all the ways the spectre of nuclear destruction has been expressed, from comics, movies, and pulp paperbacks to policy documents, protest movements, and survivalist tracts.


Skepticism in Early Modern English Literature

Skepticism in Early Modern English Literature: The Problems and Pleasures of Doubt

Anita Sherman
Cambridge University Press

This ambitious account of skepticism's effects on major authors of England's Golden Age shows how key philosophical problems inspired literary innovations in poetry and prose. When figures like Shakespeare, Donne, and Milton question theories of language, degrees of knowledge and belief, and dwell on the uncertainties of perception, they forever change English literature, ushering it into a secular mode.


Epic Korean

Epic Korean

Hye Young Shin (with Jae Hong Lee, Haewon Cho)
Foundation for Korean Language & Culture in USA

Epic Korean is a performance-based and proficiency-oriented textbook series, aligned with the five Cs (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) introduced by ACTFL’s World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages.) and used nationally in the field of world language classrooms.


The Artful Manager

The Artful Manager: Field Notes on the Business of Arts and Culture

E. Andrew Taylor
arts axis press

In these 50 “field notes” from his first quarter century of teaching, research, and consulting in arts and cultural management, E. Andrew Taylor reframes and reimagines the ways we think and work in the arts.


Bilingualism for All?

Bilingualism for All?: Raciolinguistic Perspectives on Dual Language Education in the United States

Edited by Amelia Tseng (with Nelson Flores, Nicholas Subtirelu)
Bristol: Multilingual Matters

This book adopts a raciolinguistic perspective that points to the contradictory role that these programs play in both reproducing and challenging racial hierarchies.


Contemporary Foundations for Teaching English as an Additional Language

Contemporary Foundations for Teaching English as an Additional Language: Pedagogical Approaches and Classroom Applications

Edited by Polina Vinogradova (and Joan Kang Shin) 

This volume on English as an Additional Language (EAL), argues for the importance of critical participatory pedagogies that embrace multilingualism and multimodality in the field of TESOL. It highlights the role of the TESOL profession in teaching for social justice and advocacy and explores how critical participatory pedagogies translate into English language teaching and teacher education around the world.


The Hive

The Hive

Melissa Scholes Young
Keylight Books

Facing an economic recession amidst the backdrop of growing Midwestern fear and resentment, the Fehler sisters unite in their struggle to save the company’s finances and the family’s future. To survive, they must overcome a political chasm that threatens a new civil war as the values that once united them now divide the very foundation they’ve built. Through alternating point-of-views, grief and regret gracefully give way to the enduring strength of the hive.



Intolerable: Writings from Michel Foucault and the Prisons Information Group, 1970-1980  

Edited by Perry Zurn (Michel Foucault, Author)
University of Minnesota Press

Founded by Michel Foucault and others in 1970–71, the Prisons Information Group (GIP) circulated information about the inhumane conditions within the French prison system. Intolerable makes available for the first time in English a fully annotated compilation of materials produced by the GIP.


Curiosity and Power

Curiosity and Power: The Politics of Inquiry  

Perry Zurn 
University of Minnesota Press

Curiosity is political. Who is curious, when, and how reflects the social values and power structures of a given society. Curiosity and Power explores the political philosophy of curiosity, staking the groundbreaking claim that it is a social force—the heartbeat of political resistance and a critical factor in social justice.


Curiosity Studies

Curiosity Studies: A New Ecology of Knowledge  

Perry Zurn 
University of Minnesota Press

Few people can define curiosity. Curiosity Studies marshals scholars from more than a dozen fields not only to define curiosity but also to grapple with its ethics as well as its role in technological advancement and global citizenship.