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Computer Science Department Celebrates Talent and Accomplishments

Let’s celebrate some of our students’ accomplishments and congratulate them for their outstanding talent

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American University’s Department of Computer Science is widely recognized for preparing qualified BS and MS students, many of whom are currently pursuing careers in key companies and institutions across the country.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread disruptions in the lives of millions of Americans and in the job market, our passionate students were still able to achieve outstanding placements and accomplishments in 2021.

Let’s celebrate some of our students’ accomplishments and congratulate them for their outstanding talent:

  • December 2020: Nathan Kennedy (BS) started a job as CEO / Lead Full Stack Developer for WhiteBrick Technology in New Hampshire.
  • Angelica Vega-AponteJune 2021: Angelica Vega-Aponte (BS) was selected by Freddie Mac during her internship in summer 2020 to speak alongside Freddie Mac’s CEO David Brickman. In a different internship for NASA, she received the “Creative Award” for her visualization skills. Subsequently, she started a job as IT Generalist I - Software Developer/Programmer at Freddie Mac.

    Currently working on the Sustainable Engineering Platform, Data Services, and Operations team, her role as a Software Developer involves working with internal customers at Freddie Mac, focusing on tasks such as code troubleshooting, services and projects maintenance, and creation of pre-release working/testing environments for external customers.
  • June 2021: Tahmina Yousaf (BS) started a new job as Front-End Developer at Cognizant in Washington, DC.
  • July 2021: Elisabetta Gabriele (BS) started a job as a Front-End Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Seattle, Washington.
  • August 2021: Anthony Baron (BS) started a job as Software Engineer Associate at Capital One in Mclean, VA.
  • September 2021: Reika Kitano (BS) received a summer 2020 Student Research Scholarship from the AU Department of Mathematics and Statistics, focusing on research about the spread of COVID-19, and she subsequently worked as Cyberspace Operations Officer at the US Air Force in Fairmont, West Virginia.
  • June 2021: Joseph Bernardi (BS) started a job as a Machine Learning Engineer at the Arcturus NX company in New York City, New York.
  • August 2021: Isabella Sims (BS) started a job as a Solutions Engineer Analyst at Deloitte in Washington, DC

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The ideal balance of practical and theoretical knowledge, a distinctive trait of the American University educational approach, shines as an effective paradigm capable of developing rising talents and providing them with a professional skill set that acts as a catalyzer for their careers in the field of computer science.

A constantly updated course catalog and the cutting-edge research of faculty members in fields such as Artificial Intelligence & Games, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Big Data Computing, and Cybersecurity, represent the key assets to ensure effectiveness and relevancy in education. As a result, our BS and MS Computer Science graduates are highly prepared to tackle real-world problems of international relevance and interest in the fast-paced job market.