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Hallie Flanagan’s Can You Hear Their Voices


Conceived and produced by Emily Brolin, Caleigh Davis, and Ayla Taffel.

Program Notes

  • Directed by Eli O’Brien
  • Videography and Editing by Alan Cameron
  • Costumes and Design Elements by Ayla Taffel
  • Featuring—
    Emily Brolin as ‘Harriet Bageheot’
    Caleigh Davis as ‘Representative Bageheot’

Director's Notes
by Eli O’Brien

Can You Hear Their Voices? follows a morning conversation between a rich politician father and his daughter with a much different worldview. The piece doesn’t follow any real-world events for politicians, yet the tone of the argument feels familiar and I immediately identified a dynamic that many audiences would connect with. When the team discussed the piece, we compared it to a political argument at the thanksgiving table. We tried to infuse the same tensions, power imbalances, and frustrations that one might find in a discussion between stubborn members of different generations anywhere.