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The Magic Wonk Bus


Conceived and Produced by Layla Nabavi and Julia Mann.

Program Notes

“The Magic Wonk Bus Theme Song”

  • Based on original music and lyrics by Little Richard
  • Parody Lyrics by Julia Mann
  • Music Production by Ko Tanaka

Vocals by
Nikki Scamuffo, Daniella Ignacio, Haleigh Diaz, and Maggie Rocha

“S1, E1: Stick it to the Man”

  • Written by Layla Nabavi and Val McFatter
  • Directed by Layla Nabavi and Shino Frances
  • Video Editing by Alyssa Gomez/Co-op Productions
  • Costumes and Design by Layal Nabavi and Val McFatter

Nikki Scamuffo as ‘Ms. Frazzle’
Emily Brolin as ‘Hallie Flanagan’
Maggie Rocha as ‘Patty’ and ‘Mr. Starnes’
Haleigh Diaz as ‘Wendy’ and ‘Chairman Dies’
Daniella Ignacio as ‘Arnie’ and ‘Mr. Dempsey/Mr. Thomas’

Director’s Notes
by Layla Nabavi

In S1 E1,“Stick It to the Man,” a high school history class goes back in time for a field trip to observe Hallie Flanagan's trial against The House of Un-American Activities under accusations of producing plays deemed Communist propaganda. Based on archived court transcripts, this education show parody highlights and mocks government efforts to censor artists of the radical theatre movement of the 1930s. Using absurd-realism, this piece explores the falling of the Federal Theatre Project as a jumping point to discuss how censorship is still relevant to theatre and the arts today.